Faith-Based HealthSharing Ministry Plans


Faith-Based health plans have been available as alternatives to health insurance for many years. They are considered exempt from many of the rules that came about when Obamacare was passed. In previous years, members of these plans were exempt from the tax penalties that were imposed for not carrying a qualified health plan. In order to be exempt and available for membership, the plans are operated under 501C3 non-profit organizations and each member must agree to the statements of faith that the organization sets forth. Most are Christian based statements. Some are designed toward certain denominations and others are non-denomination.


The plan designs vary from entirely catastrophic to very comprehensive. None of the plans are insurance products. Member monthly contributions are pooled among the membership and shared out to those in need according to the plan design and guidelines. Typically, the plans have some exclusions or waiting periods for pre-existing conditions. Most of the plans do not have coverage for wellness exams and routine care while others include wellness exams at no cost and routine care with very low cost for Primary Care, Labs, etc. Some have large networks for providers to choose from and others do not utilize a network and leave participation to the individual provider to decide.

There are a number of Faith-Based HealthSharing Ministry plans available. More than there are actual insurance options. These are more of the widely utilized plans alphabetically.

Aliera Healthcare                                Altrua Healthshare                             Kingdom Healthshare

Liberty Healthshare                            Medi-Share                                         Samaritan Ministries

These plans have become more popular as un-subsidized Obamacare plans became more expensive. Typically, people stay with the ACA (Obamacare) plans when they have significant health issues unless they simply have been priced out. People that receive subsidies due to limited income tend to stay with the Obamacare plans as they can afford to keep them. The next pages show some examples of why people chose one of these options instead of the Obamacare plans. On following pages are some samples of plan designs.


Mark McDade             Life and Health Insurance Agent